Friday, 24 January 2014

What's in the toy box?

The Wrens have been writing more toy poems! We looked at a poem written by Trevor Millum and this inspired us to create our own versions. Here are some snippets of the poems we wrote:

What's in the toy box?

What's in the toy box?
What's in the box?
What's in the box 
With the big brass locks?

There's a crane
And a really fast train,

There's a silver clock
And a shiny rock,

Some lego bricks 
And an x-box one,

There's some beautiful hearts
And a lovely piece of art,

There's a gigantic mat
And a fan that flaps,

Some red bouncing balls
And a massive swimming pool,

There's some people who walk
And a teddy bear that talks,

A shiny white Ford
And a swimming award,

There's some shoes to wear
And a grizzly bear,

There's a bus that is green
And a house that is clean,

There's a monster truck
And a yellow duck,

There's a cute little cat
And a dancing mat,

There's some remote control trains
And a flying plane,

There's a dumper truck
And a red and black duck,

There's a wooden sign
And a white and black combine,

There's a red ted
And a blue bed,

Some clowns that frown
And a king that sings,

Some dolls wearing hats
And a rounder's bat,

Some crowns that glow
And a machine that sews,

There's a big dino
And a fierce rhino.

That's what's in the toy box!
That's what's in the box!

You can tell by our faces that we are very proud of the poems that we wrote!

Well done Wrens!!!

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