Friday, 13 December 2013

Our finished models

The Wrens have worked really hard and have finished their fire engine models!

I liked the wheels and I loved the shutters.

I love my shutters because  they open. 

I like my ladder because it is great.

I liked my wheels because they go fast.

I had fun making my fire engine because madeline helped me.

It is good.

I enjoyed making my fire engine because my teacher  took a photo of the back of the engine and I got to copy it. And  after that  I got a piecse of yellow papper and  I got to
 draw red lines

I liked the ladder because I liked the long lines.

I like it.

Its good .

I liked the gold bit the best and the hose it was really fun because we had to get some arts straw.
I liked the shutters because we had to get silver powder paint and you can see the yellow bits on the shutters .

The wheels were good because you get to use a saw then you put a straw over so they move.

I enjoyed making the back of the fire engine.

I  liked the  fire  engine and  the  reflectors.

The Wrens have also enjoyed creating their own fire stations:

I think this fire station must be right next to Banham Zoo, Owen!

Wrens have had such a fabulous time creating their models. Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way!

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