Friday, 11 October 2013

How the Wrens helped Flame the dragon

A long time ago there lived a dragon called Flame. Flame was different to all the other dragons because he was born without any colour on his body. His scales were missing too.

Along came The Wrens who wanted to cheer him up. They learned that a dragon's scales are symmetrical and decided to create Flame some scales of his own using what they had learned about symmetry to help them:

 Next it was time to give Flame a colourful body. Everyone was willing to lend a hand:

Flame was soon looking more like the other dragons he lived with. He was beginning to feel much better!

Flame felt marvellous and magical!

Flame is so pleased with all the help that the Wrens have given him. He has decided to stay in our classroom and help us for a while!
What did you learn about symmetry?
Can you find some more shapes that are symmetrical?
What shapes have more than one line of symmetry?


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